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We Are Well Fed
Bento #4 
29th-Oct-2007 07:34 am
Zooey face
Bento #4...

Last night I found some large Halloween cookie cutters are the grocery so...

Halloween Bento!

Cashew butter and strawberry jam sandwich cut out in the shape of a pumpkin with a nori jack-o-lantern face. Everything is on a bed of spinach for color. Apricots and a small 'petit pudding'. Yum!

To the left is more freeze dried snap peas. In the right tier there is more of the bean salad, a red bean bun, and slices of avocado.
29th-Oct-2007 07:29 pm (UTC)
This is awesome! I've been almost obsessed with bento's lately and have been desperately searching for photos and ideas. Thanks so much for posting these.
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