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We Are Well Fed
Veggie Omelet. 
2nd-Apr-2008 07:37 pm
Sailor Jerry
Single dudes can't live off of Galaxy burgers and Mojo's cheesesteaks alone, but we still deserve to eat well.

I had some eggs [Egg-Land's Best Cage Free] I needed to get rid of, so I pulled some random stuff out of my fridge to make an omelet for myself.

First I prepped my veggies.

- 2 cross sections of red bell pepper and 1 healthy slice of red onion, diced
- 2 generous handfuls of arugula, minced [this wilts when cooked, so it'll look like too much at first]

Cracked 3 eggs into bowl, mixed, added about 1.5 cups of skim milk, ground black pepper, and the bell pepper and onion. Poured into a skillet on med-high, flipped, browned, added arugula and grated pecorino on top, and folded.

Unfortunately, I'm technologically backwards, so I couldn't snap a picture, but it was very colorful.

Next time, I need to use oil in the pan, 'cause the sucker really broke up towards the end, but it was still really good.
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